PROMETEA: Transforming the administration of justice with artificial intelligence tools

This report, published by the Inter-American Development Bank, analyzes how Artificial Intelligence contributes to increasing productivity of the public sector, specifically, in the Justice sector. It presents the PROMETEA system, which applies Artificial Intelligence techniques to automatically prepare court opinions. The development of PROMETEA  began in 2017 by the Prosecutor’s Office from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The tool has allowed the Prosecutor’s Office to increase the efficiency of the processes significantly: a reduction from 90 minutes to 1 minute (99%) for the resolution of a tender process, from 167 days to 38 days (77%) for processes of requirement to trial, and from 190 days to 42 days (78%) for protection housing with citation of third parties, among others.

For more information and for downloading the report (in Spanish) please visit this link.