Documenting the Digital Transformation Strategy of Portugal

As part of the efforts for documenting the Digital Transformation Strategy of Portugal to serve as a case study for countries in Latin America, project funded by Banco de Desarrollo de Latino América (CAF), Elsa Estevez and Guillermina Cledou conducted interviews with representatives of the Portuguese Agência para a Modernização Administrativa (AMA) in Lisbon, during 20 and 21 of February 2020. The interviews served to collect primary data about major success factors, innovations, results and lessons learnt from the Portuguese experience.

Photo (left to right): Rita Laranjeira (International Relations Unit – AMA ), Cláudia Barroso (International Relations Unit – AMA), Elsa Estevez (ICIC, UNS-CONICET), Joana Fernandes (ICMPD), Guillermina Cledou (UMinho), and Tiago Mendoça (International Relations Unit – AMA).